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General information about Klirvin

Traditional medicine in all countries of the world reflects the experience of many generations, which used the nature’s gifts, the best of what the environment can offer for preventing and curing the major part of diseases. India and Russia seem to have different traditions, habits, religious believes. However, they have something in common – a wide range of traditional recipes used in medical practices. Thus, it does not surprise that Fitosila company decided to use Ayurveda recipes (medicine based on Indian curative traditions) as the base for the one of its top brands.

What is Ayurveda


The first mentioning of curing diseases with the help of Ayurveda medical system is found at the beginning of AD. There is advice about treatment and surgery in the available written sources. Ayurveda uses a numerous number of plants, animals, minerals for curing lots of diseases including psychiatric disorders and children ones. Ayurveda is closely connected with Buddhism and was developing together with this teaching. It is worth mentioning that by that time Hindus knew the human body anatomy very well, their knowledge was based on rich therapeutic and surgery experience.

At the beginning of the 21st century in India Ayurveda continues to be the leading medical system that is taught at universities and scientific-research institutes. Ayurveda is not just medical treatment but also a philosophy which implies the harmony between body and soul. That is why any disease is a secondary factor. In its basis there lies the violation of harmony, life balance. The means, with which help doctors practicing Ayurveda cure their patients, include diet and remedies on the basis of natural components. The used plants are wide-spread in India as most of traditional remedies. Ayurvedic treatment process actively includes what grows in the region.

Among the plants that are especially popular in the Ayurvedic practice there is tulsi and neem. They help to rejuvenate the body, boost the immune system. Beside the plants oils are used, individual diet is developed. General principles of health improvement based on Ayurveda are adopted by different peoples because for centuries they have been proving their effectiveness. But in each case the system is transformed taking into account the country’s traditions, law which regulates the production of drugs and other nuances.

Russian quality standards

The Russian legislation strictly regulates quality standards for perfume, cosmetics and drug production. It is important to say that the quality of the products in which Ayurveda recipes are used and which are made in Russia is considered to be higher than in India because the Russian legislation has stricter certification and testing procedures

What are the main criteria by which Klirvin® surpasses its counterparts

  1. Lack of toxic components (frequent claim to Indian products is about the availability of toxic elements and heavy metals which may include lead and mercury)
  2. The components, which must be absent in the product composition or their amount must not exceed a certain level (including colorants and conservatives), are defined. The list of elements consists of more than four hundred titles which minimizes side effects
  3. It is obligatory to conduct clinical testing of the product (in India testing is also conducted in special institutes but the requirements to the results are in average much lower than around the world and this is officially recognized by the World Health Organization)
  4. There are requirements to the packaging of the product which is an important factor for successful storage, transportation and use before the expiry date 
  5. There are requirements to the information, labeling on the package and accompanying the product (for example, in the form of instruction). The information usually contains the expiry date, producer’s data, volume, storage conditions, special codes, application, composition 
  6. The registration of the product and instructions for use by children under three years old are obligatory
  7. The availability of documents confirming the accordance of the product to the legislation requirements is obligatory 
  8. The product goes through all necessary stages of certification, the producer submits all necessary documentation (all certificates and papers are available for the customer)
  9. All mentioned above requirements for compliance with the legislation are under the Government control which is conducted by consumer’s demand as well 
  10. The requirements to the products and described in the legislation of the Russian Federation fully comply with the requirements of international controlling bodies. The Russian production does not give rise to unfavorable criticism

The compositions of Klirvin®

The main components which Klirvin® consists of

  • Neem tree is sometimes called magical, truly doing miracles. Neem is one of the integral part in the Ayurvedic system of curing. Neem tree clears the body of toxins, contains natural antibiotics, normalizes the body temperature and the skin health. It also has revitalizing effect, improves skin color, decreases inflammatory processes (in many cases prevents development of cancer and other malignant tumors). It helps to fight with cardio-vascular diseases, overweightness, normalizes the blood pressure. A big advantage of Neem is its ability to improve the skin health while having dermatitis and other skin disorders
  • Turmeric helps to prevent developments of cancer and other malignant tumors. It has antibacterial qualities, helps to heal cuts and burns, normalizes liver functioning, metabolism, weight. It has a wonderful impact on the skin, eliminating puffiness and irritation. It stimulates the brain functioning. It is a natural preservative, improves skin color 
  • Magnolia: in traditional medicine fruits, leaves and the bark of the plant are used. They contain a number of useful micro and macro elements including ferrum, magnesium, rutin, flavonoids, alkaloids. It has a good influence on metabolic processes, normalizes the blood pressure, cardio-vascular system functioning. It has an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect
  • Licorice is the name for a famous plant that became famed for its expectorant qualities and as a great means against coughing. Licorice is also known for its ability to whiten the skin, give it a healthy look and regenerate skin cells. It is a preventing agent against inflectional diseases. It helps to fight against skin pigmentation, irritation, decreases puffines and eliminates inflammation. It has remarkable rejuvenating effect, improves collagen formation and reduces wrinkles. Additionally, licorice helps to prevent some allergies
  • Aloe if famous for its antibacterial qualities, and helps to heal minor injuries like, for example, small cuts and abrasions. Aloe consists of a great number of useful elements, including vitamins В, С и Е, manganese, zink, magnesium, polysaccharides. It helps to remove toxins, successfully fights allergies, boosts the immune system, and provides regenerative effects. It moisturizes, tones, rejuvenates skin, eliminates irritation. It helps to heal the skin while reducing formation of a cicatrix

Beneficial qualities and use of Klirvin® range of products

All the components influence the human skin condition positively. These qualities are known to the traditional medicine for centuries. All the components for the product come from India where they are actively used in Ayurveda. However, while making Klirvin® modern technologies and cutting-edge achievements in the field of cosmetics are used. The production goes through the process of obligatory certification according to the legislation requirements.

Beneficial qualities of Klirvin®

Klirvin® clearly improves the skin health. Due to its unique composition the product improves the oil glands functioning and is irreplaceable for oily skin. It successfully fights against acne, improves the skin color, effectively eliminates all breakouts and spots. It has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect.

The use of Klirvin® range of products

Klirvin cream

It is recommended to study the directions for each cream separately. Ayurvedic anti breakout and anti spot cream should be applied directly to the affected area of unnecessary skin rash and then washed with a cotton pad. If the skin does not show any sensitive reaction to the products, it is better to leave it on the skin for a night.  

Ayurveda recipes are actively used in the modern world where a lot of negative factors that influence skin health: ecology, unhealthy diet, lack of sleep, stress and some others. However, the achievements of the modern science, new technologies of the production deliver their benefits, taking traditional remedies to the next level, helping to prevent negative side effects, minimizing any risks for human health which may be connected with incorrect storage, packaging, transportation and processing of components which are included in the product composition.