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Why are products called “Toadstone”®

In the modern world a great number of pharmaceutical goods are produced. However, products of traditional medicine still have not lost their popularity. In general they are made on the basis of the plants which grow on a particular territory. «Toadstone»®, made in the form of balsam, gel and capsules, is among famous traditional products that are widespread nowadays. So, what is a «toadstone» and why did the plant used for the production of these types of goods get such a strange name?

Magic qualities of the toadstone in reality

The toadstone became most famous as a magic stone which in ancient times people tried to use as an antidote to poison. The stones had to be extracted from the head of the alive toad, that’s why the name “toadstone” was invented. In Russia this name people used for a plant as well and the plant had much more “magic” qualities than the homonymic stone. However, pilewort is a more common name for it which is spread in other countries too. In Russia the toadstone or pilewort is also often called cudweed. The gel and balsam consist not only of pilewort but of other medical plants. Thus, the name “Toadstone” reflects both traditional Russian language variant and its multiple useful qualities which once were considered medical, as well as its real influence on the human health. 


Pilewort   is a perennial plant, which belongs to the buttercup (or crowfoot) family. It grows in Europe, European part of Russia (it appears on the Siberian territory much rarer), at the Far East and in the Northern Africa. Pilewort prefers the places on the meadows near streams and other ponds. The plant looks plain but it possesses useful qualities which became famous with traditional healers long ago though its flowers are considered to be poisonous, for example, for animals which can eat them raw.  

Pilewort’s useful qualities appear after processing: when the plant is dried, toxic elements disappear, giving place to those ones which recover the body. From ancient times the pilewort has been used for curing varicose veins, scurvy, lack of vitamins. It is believed that a special spread as a medicinal plant the pilewort got of all others in Russia.

The other components of «Toadstone®»

As it was mentioned above, «Toadstone»® consists not only of pilewort extract. The products which are produced under this name consist of the following medicinal plants:

Toadstone ingredients

  • Comarum extract: the comarum also grows in wet, marshy places. In traditional medicine it has been known as diaphoretic and general tonic for ages.
  • Horse Chestnut extract: it is a tree widely known in pharmaceuticals. Bark, flowers and fruits are used as a vessel-strengthening means, lower the blood viscosity, capillary permeability, increase blood filling of the veins. It may also be used as a tanning agent. From ancient times horse chestnut flowers have been used externally for curing arthritis and rheumatic pains
  • Butcher’s groom extract: it is a real storehouse of useful qualities. Roots and fruits of this plant are used for curing vascular diseases, hemorrhoids, for increasing metabolic exchange, waste removal, improving blood circulation, normalizing fluid and electrolyte balance, decreasing inflammation and pains during thrombophlebitis. Butcher’s groom also helps to fight against cellulite making the skin smooth and firm
  • Grape leaves extract: grape leaves are successfully used both in cooking and in medicine. For example, it is known that they decrease swelling in feet, lower pain during rheumatism, podagra and arthritis. Besides, grape leaves extract decrease blood pressure, cholesterol, successfully fight with overweight. It is used while having different problems with stomach and heart. It is proved that this remedy is antitumor and eliminates inflammatory processes
  • Knotweed extract: there are a lot of types of this plant, however, in traditional medicine Alpine knotweed or snake-root knotgrass are usually used. Its qualities are diverse: knotweed is used for curing stomach, throat, eye diseases, podagra. It lowers blood pressure, strengthens the immune system, as it contains a big amount of vitamin С. Knotweed is famous for stopping bleeding, decreasing the inflammatory processes in the body 
  • Camelina seed oil: «Toadstone®» products are also made with camelina seed oil, which is one more remedy widely used in traditional medicine. The most valuable element of the oil is polyunsaturated fatty acids (Omega 3). Joints, vessels, brain benefit from taking in this acid. Besides, camelina seed oil contains other elements: vitamin Е, having a general tonic effect, helping to stay young; phytosterols, successfully fighting against tumors; retinol, normalizing metabolic exchange, supporting harmonic balance; magnesium, helping to fight against allergic reactions, to strengthen the nervous system, the heart. The list of problems with which camelina seed oil can deal is long. It increases the affectivity of «Toadstone®» balsam multiple times

«Toadstone®» caps contain two essential for joint activity recovery components:

  • Glucosamine sulfate  is a component of joint fluid which plays the most important role in joint functioning. Joint fluid oils the joints preventing their friction and wear.  Glucosamine sulfate  is actively used for curing joint diseases: arthritis, arthrosis, recovering cartilage tissues, lowering pain, helping joints to return freedom of movement
  • Chondroitin sulfate  is produces by joint cartilage tissue and it is also a component of joint fluid. Chondroitin not only recover the cartilage tissue but is able to eliminate the activity of those elements which destroy it. This component is a part of cartilage, scale of fish and animals but at present chondroitin consumption only with food is obviously not enough for the body

Active components

Application of «Toadstone®» products

From ancient times people attributed healing, magic qualities to toads. «Toadstone®» bears its original name for a good reason: traditional medicine enriched by the achievements of the modern science really does wonders helping people to strengthen the health. Unfortunately, nowadays  the ecological situation, ways of producing food don’t let people be satisfied with the elements which the food consists of. Of course, it is necessary to follow the rules of healthy diet but needed number of vitamins, micro and macro elements don’t go with the food anyway.  And the main part of the products contains conservatives, artificial additives – everything which destroys health, undermines the immune system, provokes the development of different diseases.  

Using «Toadstone®» balsams, gels and caps helps to keep the joints in good “working” condition, revive cartilage tissue, eliminate inflammation, puffiness and pain, thus, increasing mobility, sustain human active life. In modern conditions when the main issue is not the problem of sustaining life as it is but sustaining active life, joint wearing becomes the real barrier for elderly people. If we take into account the fact that joint diseases are much younger now, it becomes clear why «Toadstone®» is a true magic which nature and the latest achievements of science and medicine can present to a human being.


«Toadstone®» is suitable for external and internal use. The balsam and gel are applied on the skin with massage movements on the area of painful joint in the following cases:

  • For  eliminating pain in muscles and joints
  • While having radicular, rheumatic pains, osteochondrosis
  • During weather changes for eliminating joint ache
  • After injuries, stretching, fractures for lowering pain and tissue recovery
  • For eliminating puffiness, fatigue and inflammation 
  • For relaxing muscle tension

The caps are recommended to take in three times a day during meals for one month. Detailed recommendations can be found in the instruction for use and also during the consultation with the doctor.