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5 Shchelkovskoye Highway, Moscow, Russia.
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Время работы офиса: 09.30 am 6.00 pm (Monday - Friday)

About us

Fitosila Company was founded in 1998. The Company’s sphere of activity is marketing health products. They are biologically active substances (BAS), medical equipment, medicinal cosmetics, personal hygiene products, dietary supplements, body shaping products and a lot of other things which by no means are necessary for leading a productive life. The main aim is to provide the market with a wide range of related products, to form the standards of the industry.

The company’s policy is to establish long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with partners. Flexible discount system and individual approach let our clients choose the most advantageous conditions of cooperation.

Accurate fulfilment of contract obligations allows us to be responsive to the consumer demand of the cosmetics product market and the market of biologically active substances. The realistic estimation of this market’s dynamics makes our company maintain low prices and quite a wide range of products. Besides having such a low level of prices, additional discounts are offered.

Our distribution chain works all around the Russian Federation. Our young and friendly staff consists of highly qualified specialists who are united by professionalism, love for work, active attitude to life. The company offers a lot of possibilities for its employees’ promotion. It is possible to upgrade one’s qualification in the Corporative University and via the system of distant education. Among our traditions are festivities and corporate events, which unite the staff and invite its family members to take part in the company’s life. The management of the company strongly believes that the economic prosperity depends on the effective work of each employee, his or her professional level, desire and mood.

Highly qualified managers are always in the office of the company and ready to service clients, take orders, advise them upon the new products, give directions to the headquarters and many other things. Skilful managers work with each client individually, consult on all questions which interest the clients, provide the full set of documents and necessary literature.

The company takes an active part in the development of public health service, forming high standards of conducting the business, stimulating the introduction of innovative solutions and technologies. It regularly supports the national science, culture and sport, helps to preserve the cultural and historical heritage. The main task of our organization is to bring the products necessary for health and beauty to the consumer quickly and to the highest quality.

In our warehouse there are always more than two thousand items of products: BAS (biologically active substances), vitamins, dietary supplements, aromatherapy products, essential oils, revitalizing tea and phyto complexes for diets, eastern balms, made according to the ancient recipes, magnotherapy products. Your order will be completed without the participation of the customer by the consolidators of goods. Each of them carries personal responsibility for the completeness and safety of the goods during the consolidation and packing process.

The company offers free delivery around Moscow for its partners. There is its own vehicle fleet which will deliver your order according to the stipulated date, help you get to the station or hotel. The Transportation Department will provide the delivery around Moscow, and, with the help of transporting companies, the delivery to other regions.