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Myths and Reality

A lot of information, including the one which is about health and well-being, is spread by so called “word-of-mouth”. Unfortunately, many modern mass media pretend to be reputable and specialized but they do not always take information from the first-hand sources. Is it worth mentioning that such misbelieves connected with health issues may be dangerous?

Why are products called “Toadstone”® «Toadstone»®, made in the form of balsam, gel and capsules, is among famous traditional products that are widespread nowadays. So, what is a «Toadstone» and why did the plant used for these goods get such a strange name?
General information about Klirvin India and Russia seem to have different traditions, habits, religious believes. However, they have something in common – a wide range of traditional recipes used in medical practices. No surprise that we've decided to use Ayurveda recipes as basis for one of our top brands.