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Arthrital, warming body balsam with dihydroquercetin, 50 g

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Additional information:
50 g
0 ... +25˚C
Wholesale packing:
100 SKU / box
Best before:
2 years
Фитосила / Корвет Фарма

Body balsam «Arthrital» is a product for external use, which is effective while having joint diseases, excessive loads and recovery after surgery and injuries.

Dihydroquercetin is a bioflavonoid compound which has an anti-oxygen, angioprotective and anti-edema effect. The substance decreases vascular permeability, normalizes tissue exchange functions, prevents vessel walls from damage.  Besides, Кроме того, dihydroquercetin has an anti-inflammatory and antihistamine qualities, eases the course of arthritis, atherosclerosis and some other chronic diseases.  

Hydrolizate of collagen is an easily digested form of protein, which is a component of bones, chorda, cartilages and muscles of the body. The substance intrudes deeply into the tissues, compensating the lack of natural collagen, providing nutrition and support for locomotion system. It has a smoothing and moisturizing effect on the skin.  

Camphor, turpentine oil and pepper extract have a local warming, vasodilatory and derivant effect, stimulating blood circulation and revitalizing processes in the skin and joints.


Body balsam «Arthrital» is recommended while having acute and chronic diseases of the joints, during rehabilitation period after surgery and injuries, during excessive pressure on muscular and loco-motor system. It is also recommended for preventing joint diseases, rehabilitation of the skin and after hypothermia.  

Contra-indications: individual intolerance of one of the components 


Vegetable oil, camphor, emulsion wax, hydrolyzate of collagen, Vaseline oil, cosmetic stearin, cleared water, monoglycerides, high-molecular alcohol polyol, paraffin, turpentine oil, oleat, lyposentol, red hot pepper extract, euksil, parabens, dihydroquercetin


Balsam is applied on the skin and rubbed till complete absorbance with light massaging movements. It is possible to use the balsam again during the day.

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