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Badiaga (Fresh-water Sponge), revitalizing gel, 50 g

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Additional information:
50 g
0 ... +25˚C
Wholesale packing:
100 SKU / box
Best before:
2 years
Фитосила-Биос / Корвет Фарма

The main active agent of the revitalizing biogel is badiaga, dry ground fresh-water sponge containing a huge number of tiny silicic needles which have an irritating and stimulating effect on the skin.

Badiaga qualities were noticed long ago and recognized by popular and official medicine. Biogel “Badiaga” provokes local irritation of the skin and hypodermic tissues which helps to extract endogenous biologically active substances – prostaglandins, kinins, autacoids, histamines. In their turn, they improve blood circulation, stimulate metabolic exchange processes, eliminate puffiness, help to heal wounds, resolute hematoma and cuts.

These badiaga qualities become obvious while treating hematoma area by its ground particles. The irritating effect thus stimulates vascular distention and improves blood circulation in hematoma area which lead to its quick resolution.  

Besides, during badiaga usage local release of biologically active agents happens: autacoids, kinins, prostaglandins which help to heal damaged tissues, cut and induration resolution, restore local immune system as well as protective skin functions. 


Revitalizing gel “Badiaga” is recommended for removing bruises and induration resolution after injuries.  

Contra-indications: individual intolerance of one of the components


Cosmetic product “Badiaga Plus”, water of special clearance, glycine, aristoflex, allantoine, hexamethylenetetramine, perfume “Lemon-lime tea”, euksil 


Apply biogel “Badiaga” on the injured place and rub with light circular massage movements including new skin areas. After 10 minutes remove the remaining biogel with napkin or wash with water. Temporary redness in the place of application is a normal reaction of the body. 

Having hematoma and bruises use biogel “Badiaga” 3 times a day till complete recovery. For cosmetic purposes one time a day is enough. For softening the skin and increasing efficiency after procedure it is recommended to apply nourishing cream  

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