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Klirvin ® Hand Cream 25 g

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25 g
5 ... 25˚C
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2 years
Фитосила-Биос / РеалКосметикс

Everybody knows that women’s hands can reveal what they would like to hide. For example, age or health problems or the time spent on housekeeping. From ancient times it is believed that the more the skin of the hands is cared-for and tender the higher is the social status of its owner.

The unique hand cream Klirvin® is made according to ancient Ayurvedic recipes and principles, the old science of health and beauty. Ecological plant ingredients, which are the components of the cream, give care to the hands, help to get rid of small surface damages of the skin. 

Moisturizing and anti-inflammatory qualities of the cream helps to revitalize the skin after unfavorable factor effect, such as excess of moisture and even insect bites.

It is not a secret that chemical components of household cleaning products are strong irritators. Hand cream Klirvin® helps to neutralize the effect of aggressive chemicals, eliminates unpleasant feelings, dryness and flaking.

Softening and rejuvenating effect of Klirvin® helps to return beauty and queen nobility to your hands!


Klirvin ® effectiveness is based on the effect of specially chosen bunch of Indian Ayurvedic plants.

Sandal (Gandhasāra) 

A strong antiseptic which helps to protect the skin from pathogenic organisms; this is especially useful while having small skin damages, cuts or scratches. Sandal oil anti-inflammatory qualities help to heal the skin surface very quickly and also help with insect bites. 


Increase a positive effect of sandal oil and is an effective natural moisturizer which at the same time doesn’t consist of fats, absorbs very quickly, not muddling the skin.

Sweet flag (Vacha)  

Sweet flag root extract fastens production of collagen and amino acids, thus fastening the process of healing skin surface damages.

Curcuma (Turmeric) 

Curcumin is the main active component of turmeric. It has whitening and rejuvenating effect, softens and smooth the skin, decreases hyperpigmentation, including that which is connected with aging changes.

Madder (Manjishtha)

Improves microcirculation of fluid and helps to get rid of toxins.

Nim tree (Nim, Margosa) 

Nim oil is the strongest natural antibacterial means protecting hand skin from harmful influence of external factors. It also plays the role of natural conservative.

Composition: Aloe vera - 4,5%; Helianthus anuus oil - 3,0%; Sandalwood - 0,4%; Acorus calamus - 0,2%; Curcuma longa - 0,2%; Rubia tinctorum - 0,2%; Melia azadirachta - 0,1%; Cream base - q.s.


Apply to the skin twice a day, in the morning and in the evening. You may also use hand cream Klirvin when necessary, immediately after unfavorable contacts with the environment.

If the damage is small or after insect bites, the cream maybe applied punctate directly on the damaged place.

After influence of unfavorable and aggressive environment, for example household cleaning products, wash the hands carefully with soap and apply a liberal amount of cream massaging it, then let it be absorbed.

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