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Red brush, tea beverage, 25 gr, box

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Additional information:
Пачка картон
25 g
in a cool dark place
Wholesale packing:
76 SKU / box
Best before:
2 years
Фитосила / Беловодье

“Red brush” or Rhodiola Quadripetalis is an endemic plant which grows only in one place on earth, in the Altai Mountains. Among all known at present plants and medical products, “Red brush” has the best immune and adaptor qualities for the recovering of the body. 

Due to the high level of glycoside salirdroside “Red brush” helps to eliminate endocrine disorders, is an cancer protector, has an anti-inflammatory and anti-infective effect.   

Also the infusion of “Red brush” has a vivid blood stopping and soft tonic impact, eliminates spasms of the brain vessels.

If you feel the immune system weaken and want to maintain your health and youth, we recommend “Red brush” as a natural immune stimulator and adaptor. Special attention to this plant should be paid during lingering diseases, severe injury and long-term antibiotic medication.  

For women “Red brush” is recommended as an accompanying means during the treatment of mastopathy, uterine myoma and fibroid, cervical erosion, cystic of uterine and ovary, endometriosis, hormone disorders. “Red brush” eliminates fever during climax, calms down, improves sleeping.  

For men “Red brush” is recommended as an accompanying means during the treatment of prostatitis and prostatic hyperplasia. “Red brush” helps to eliminate endocrine disorders: Derbyshire neck, adrenal diseases, lymph glands, renal system etc.


Uterine myoma, erosion, mastopathy, prostatitis, prostatic hyperplasia. It may also be used during the diseases of thyroid gland, lymph glands inflammation, adrenals.


“Red brush” (Rhodiola Quadripetalis) grass


Pour hot water over the primary produce and warm on the water bath for 30 minutes. Final infusion is taken in 1/3 glass 3 times a day before meals.

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