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Bear fat 200 ml – Dietary Supplement, Sustamed ®

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Additional information:
Флакон ПЭТ
200 ml
Wholesale packing:
50 SKU / box
Best before:
2 years
Фитосила ООО

Bear fat is widely known in the traditional medicine as a strengthening means which helps curing many diseases, rehabilitation after injuries, burns, surgeries. 

Bear fat has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial qualities, is effective for curing bronchial pulmonary system diseases, gastric and peptic ulcer, restore the vitamin deficit as well as microelements and other biologically active substances. Even two week taking of bear fat restores the immune system and increases the resistance to most infection diseases. Beside that bear fat favorably effects face and body skin, nourishes it, restores elasticity and metabolism

Bear fat consists of Omega 3 and Omega 6 polyunsaturated acids, vitamins В1, В2, В4, В12, fatty oils, macro and micro elements and other ingredients which our body so often lacks.


Bear fat is recommended for taking in during bronchial and pulmonary diseases (tuberculosis, bronchitis, pneumonia, colds), gastritis, gastric and peptic ulcer, colitis, pancreatitis, and also when the body is exhausted because of hard diseases, injury or surgery.  

It is recommended for middle and elderly aged people as a preventive means for above-mentioned diseases, liability to colds as well as conditions connected with lowering of immune system and general working ability

It is not recommended for persons who are intolerant of some components of the product, during pregnancy, breast feeding


100% natural rendered bear fat.


Adults – 1 table-spoon (15 ml) 3 times a day during meals. The duration of the course is 1 month. Then the course should be interrupted and continue after one month 

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