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Klirvin Kit (skin care cream, eye care cream, hand cream, whitening face cream, skin lotion)

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Пачка картон
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РеалКосметикс АО

Klirvin Kit contains of body care cream, eye care cream, hand cream, whitening cream, skin lotion


Skin care cream Klirvin®

It is an effective multifunctional cream for problem skin. It contains the extracts of rare and unique herbs. 

This superb cream makes the skin smooth and helps to keep it elastic. Natural anti-oxidants, vitamin E and herb micro components improve blood circulation, prevent the appearance of dark circles under the eyes. The skin becomes smooth and pleasant to feel.

Eye care cream Klirvin ® 

The protection from the external influence — if you don’t use the eye care cream, the aggressive environment will do the skin much harm, which will become too evident very quickly.

The cream moisturizes the skin – if you don’t use it regularly, the skin will become dry, aging changes will start much earlier.

The cream helps to eliminate puffiness. Puffiness usually appears in the morning and so to leave home not to be afraid to look into your eyes in the mirror it is better to take care of their condition before head – with the help of the cream «Klirvin»®.

The first wrinkles is a signal to begin to use eye care cream urgently. One of the cream «Klirvin»®’s tasks is to prevent the increasing number of wrinkles around eyes.  

Even if there are some wrinkles, the cream helps to correct them and prevent the development of further process of skin aging.

Stress and fatigue affect the eye skin condition – the cream helps to eliminate the dark circles under the eyes, increase skin tonicity and smooth color. It doesn’t matter how tired you are – if you use the cream, fresh look is guaranteed. 

Hand cream Klirvin® 

The effectiveness of «Klirvin”® is based on the action of specially chosen bunch of Indian Ayurvedic plants.

Sandal (Gandhasāra) is a strong antiseptic which helps to protect the skin from intruding of pathogenic microorganisms which is especially useful while having small skin damages – cuts or scratches. Anti-inflammatory qualities of sandal oil help to heal the skin surface quickly as well as insect bites.    

Aloe increases a good effect of sandal oil and is an effective natural moisturizer which, besides, doesn’t contain fat, is absorbed very quickly not infecting the skin.   

Sweet flag (Вачча) is calamus root extract which fastens collagen and amino acid release, thus, fastening the process of healing of skin surface damages.

Turmeric (Турмерик) – curcumine, the main active substance of turmeric, has whitening and anti-aging qualities, softens and smoothes the skin, decreases hyperpigmentation including the one which is connected with aging.

Madder (Маджишта) improves microcirculation of liquid and helps to get rid of toxins. 

Neem tree (Ним, Маргоза) – neem oil, is the strongest natural antibacterial means which prevents hand skin from the influence of unfavorable external factors. It also plays the role of natural conservative. 

Whitening face cream Klirvin ® against sunspots and pigment spots.

It slows down the synthesis of melanin in the skin and sharply decreases the growth of new melanocytes. Due to such effect, skin color becomes smooth, pigment spots and sunspots clearly become paler or disappear at all. Besides, the cream helps to prevent deterioration of the skin in future.

It effectively revitalizes the skin. Components which are included in its composition, vitamin of B group help to release collagen, smooth and lift the skin. In the end, the face get the second life: pigment spots, sunspots, wrinkles  which worried beforehand disappear, healthy glow appear, skin color becomes smooth, loses dimness and grey shade. 

Ayurvedic lotion Клирвин ® against acne and spot on the skin.

It normalizes the functioning of oil glands decreasing the release of skin sebum.

It prevents the process of thickening of stratum corneum.

It eliminates inflammation.

It kills pathogenic bacteria.

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