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Cowberry, tea beverage, 50 gr, box

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Additional information:
Пачка картон
50 g
in a cool dark place
Wholesale packing:
76 SKU / box
Best before:
2 years
Фитосила / Беловодье

Cowberry is a perennial plant of the rose family which mostly grow in humid and marshy places. It is widely used in popular medicine as an anti-febrile, hemostatic, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, wound-healing, analgesic and sudorific agent.

Cowberry grass contains tanning agents, organic acids, flavonoids, essential oils, catexines, resins, phenolcarbonic acids, anthocyanin, vitamins and some other biologically active substances, which have curable qualities.


Cowberry is used externally and internally. 

Internally cowberry is recommended in the form of infusions and alcohol infusions when having cardio-vascular system diseases, bones and joint diseases, hepatitis, cholelithiasis, bronchial asthma, bronchitis, rheumatic pains, lencosis and other oncological diseases, as a diuretic and choleretic agent, as well as having temperature and pains.

Externally cowberry is used in the form of rinses and applications as an antibacterial and wound-healing agent, when having twists and sprains, hemorrhoid, vaginitis, dermatitis, toothache, angina, tonsillitis, stomatitis and gum sponginess.


Dried grass of cowberry


On the basis of cowberry infusions, brews, alcoholic infusions and other medical forms are prepared.  

When having internal diseases, thrombophlebitis, rheumatic pains, diarrhea, metabolic exchange etc infusions, brews and alcoholic infusions based on cowberry are taken in.

When having angina, stomatitis, toothache, gum sponginess etc cowberry infusion is used in the form of rinses.

When having injuries, arthritis, rheumatic pains, radicular pains, hemorrhoid, dermatitis etc  cowberry infusions and alcoholic infusions are used in the form of applications and compresses. In some cases the most effective method of cowberry external use are half bathes and bathes. 

Contra-indications: individual intolerance 

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