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Sustamed ® Body cosmetic balsam with badger fat 75 gr

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Additional information:
75 g
0 ... +25˚C
Wholesale packing:
100 SKU / box
Best before:
2 years
Фитосила / Корвет Фарма

Balsam “Sustamed”® for joitns with badger fat is a reliable and effective means for eliminating muscular tightness, pain syndrome, puffiness, limited activity during inflammatory states and join diseases. The product stimulates blood and join liquid microcirculation, helps to regenerate cartilaginous tissue, provides sedative, nutrient and regenerating action on joins and close areas. It has light warming effect, helps to cure and prevent colds. 

Badger fat is a rich complex of nutritious agents, vitamins, microelements and other biologically active components saved by the animal for winter sleep. From ancient times this remedy is used by Northern peoples for curing a lot of diseases including atherosclerosis, join and bone diseases, consequences of injuries and exhaustion. Badger fat strengthens the body, provides it with necessary resources, stimulates natural protective forces due to which clear therapeutic effect is reached. 

Pine tree essential oil produces a double effect on the body. Firstly, it widens blood vessels of the skin, improves blood circulation, eliminates pain and irritation, helps to heal wounds and regenerate tissue after traumatic influence and increased physical activity. And secondly, pine tree essential oil is a strong aroma product fortifying the immune system, lightens the mood and general working ability

Vitamin complex, organic acids and microelements add medicinal properties of the balsam, provide nutrition to the skin and soften it, provide tissue with important resources for regeneration and strengthening.


  • Fastening regeneration of join and muscular tissue 
  • Eliminates join and muscular pains, radicular and rheumatic pain, osteochondrosis, neuralgic pain
  • Relaxes muscular tightness, eliminates fatigue and puffiness 
  • Helps during hypothermia and complex cure of colds
  • It is immunostimulating and general strengthening drug 


Water, emulsifier, vegetable oil, dimeticone, propylene glycol, Vaseline, higher fatty alcohol, badger fat, pine tree essential oil, liposentol, methyl paraben, propyl paraben


The balsam is applied on the clean skin and rub into the skin until full absorption with light massage movements. During muscular tightness, join puffiness the balsam is applied on the painful area. During hypothermia, colds it is applied on the chest, neck, inter scapular area, feet. During running nose it is applied on sinuses of the nose and the area over the upper lip

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