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Sustamed ® Body cosmetic balsam with bear fat 75 gr

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Additional information:
75 g
0 ... +25˚C
Wholesale packing:
100 SKU / box
Best before:
2 years
Фитосила / Корвет Фарма

Curative qualities of bear fat are known from ancient times and are widely used in traditional medicine. Natural ingredients of all components which bear fat contains in an easy to digest form are able to intrude into the cell unchanged, restore DNA reparation mechanisms in its nucleus.

Due to bear fat tender and light texture Sustamed quickly intrudes into deep skin layers and having strong warming effect it quickens regeneration processes in tissues in the area of balsam application.


Spasms and pain in muscles, swelling, join and loco motor system functioning disruption, prevention of colds during hypothermia


Water, emulsifier, vegetable oil, dimenticon, propylene glycol, Vaseline, higher fatty alcohol, bear fat, pine tree essential oil, liposentol, methyl paraben, propyl paraben


For easing muscular tension apply the balsam on the body areas which demand care and massage carefully in circular motion. For helping while having join and muscular disruptions regularly apply the balsam on the damaged body areas. For increasing the balsam effect the treated area should be warmed with the compress. For decreasing the risk of acute respiratory disease development apply the balsam on the chest area, neck, blade bones and feet before going out. After application the balsam should be carefully rubbed in, treated areas should be warmed.

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