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Sustamed ® Body cosmetic balsam with marmot fat 75 gr

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Additional information:
75 g
0 ... +25˚C
Wholesale packing:
64 SKU / box
Best before:
2 years
Фитосила / Корвет Фарма

Marmot fat is the main component of Sustamed balsam. Curative qualities of marmot fat are known for a long time and are widely used in traditional medicine. Marmot fat among all known fats of hibernators has maximum biological power. 

Marmot fat is absorbed by the skin fully, enriching it with vitamins, necessary microelements and organic acids, regulates blood vascular system performance

Sustamed marmot fat balsam fully absorbed by the skin makes it elastic, velvet, smooth wrinkles and fastens the regeneration processes. The main therapeutic effect of the balsam due to marmot fat may be considered to be the fastening of regeneration processes in bone and join tissues with general anti -inflammatory effect.


Fastening of regeneration processes of soft tissues and joins;

Help during muscular spasms and convulsions;

As an immune stimulating and general tonic means


Water, emulsifier SP-SF, vegetable oil, dimeticon, mono propylene glycol, medical Vaseline, higher fatty alcohol, marmot fat, pine tree essential oil, liposentol Н, oleate ПЭГ 400, methyl  paraben, propyl paraben, ausil К 100.


For fastening regeneration processes having damaged soft tissues (necrosis, pressure injuries, trophic tissue changes) apply the balsam carefully on the skin area which demand attention

For fastening regeneration processes in injured joins apply the balsam on the necessary body area with massaging. The treated area warm with compress. Corse usage is recommended 

For getting rid of muscular spasms and convulsions apply the balsam on the painful area with massage movements, rub carefully and massage further.

Contraindication: Individual intolerance of balsam components

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