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Seal Oil, 100 caps. х 0,3 gr – Dietary Supplement, Sustamed ®

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Additional information:
100 x 0.3 g
Wholesale packing:
98 SKU / box
Best before:
2 years
РеалКапс АО

Seal oil in caps is a traditional means for Northern peoples’ medicine in a modern, comfortable form. It helps to normalize metabolic processes, revival of blood functions, decreases the cholesterol level, prevents the development of heart and vessel diseases such as heart attack and cardiovascular stroke. Seal oil is useful for brain cells and nervous system as a whole, helps to regenerate and maintain eyesight. It is known that seal oil is also effective during lots of infection and inflammatory diseases such as lung tuberculosis, arthritis, different inflammation of gastrointestinal tract.   

The composition of seal oil is quite rich but the main active ingredient is Omega 3 polyunsaturated fatty acids which are four times more in seal oil than in in fish oil. They are easily absorbed by the human body, helps to revive the lipid exchange, decreasing the possibility of atherosclerosis, heart attack and distortion in brain blood circulation by several times. Beside that, seal oil contains vitamins А, D and Е. Carotenoid squalene, which is also represented in seal oil, take an active part in metabolic exchange, preventing the appearance and development of cancer cells. Besides, seal oil caps contain minerals, macro and micro elements such as iodine, calcium, iron etc.


Seal oil is recommended during functional disorders of the nervous system, distortion in brain blood circulation, high level of cholesterol, atherosclerosis, ischemic heart disease and other heart and vessel diseases. As a preventive measure it is effective for preventing colds and infection diseases, vitamin deficiency, metabolic exchange disorders. 

It is not recommended for persons who are intolerant of some components of the product


Seal oil, food gelatin


Adults should take 3 caps 3 times a day during meals. The duration of the course is 3-4 weeks. After the break the course can be repeated. Such a scheme of intake provides the body with no less than 34% of the daily norm of Omega 3 polyunsaturated fatty acids and also about 13% of vitamin E 

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