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Venofital, correcting foot balsam with dihydroquercetin and elastin, 50 g

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Additional information:
50 g
0 ... +25˚C
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100 SKU / box
Best before:
2 years
Фитосила / Корвет Фарма

Foot balsam «Venofital» contains dihydroquercetin and elastin, substances which positively effect vessel walls and skin cover. Foot vessels diseases are very frequent and often they are connected with excessive pressure on the blood system of lower limbs, congestive occurrences, sedentary life style or on the contrary excessive load, injuries and surgery.  

Dihydroquercetin  is an antioxidant of natural origin. It has vivid anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic qualities, helps to decrease the cholesterol level, prevents the appearance of cholesterol plaques and blood clots, improves tissue blood supply, activates metabolic and revitalizing processes.  

Elastin is a specific protein, normally synthesized by fibroblast cells and providing the skin elasticity and elasticity. With age and also as a result of some diseases elastin synthesis decreases which leads to early skin aging, increased load on the capillaries. Elastin as a component of «Venofital» fills the shortage of endogenic elastin, decreases the risk of vessel diseases, improves the state and outlook of the skin, eliminates the fatigue syndrome, stimulates the metabolism.  


Balsam "Venofital" is recommended while having congestive occurrences in the venous system of lower limbs, some vessel diseases, which are accompanied by blood supply disorders (atherosclerosis, varicose vein disease, phlebitis), increased load on the feet and legs, also during post-traumatic or post-surgery period.

It is recommended as a preventive and cosmetic product for caring the foot and leg sin.

It is contraindicated if there is an individual intolerance of the components.


Hydrolyzate of elastin, emolent, water, green tea extract, emulsifier, anti-inflammatory complex of plant extracts, detoxicant complex of plant extracts, cetylstearyl ether, parabens, menthol, perfume, dihydroquercetin 


Balsam is applied on the skin and rubbed till complete absorbance with light massage movements. For reaching a strong effect it is recommended to use for a long period of time.

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