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Toadstone ® energizing body balsam with camelina oil 50 g

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50 g
0 ... +25˚C
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100 SKU / box
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2 years
Фитосила-Биос / РеалКосметикс
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Toadstone balsam is created on the basis of specially selected plant extracts used in homeopathy and ethno medicine for health improvement and strengthening of articular and muscular tissue. The main component of the balsam is cudweed fruit extract.

It consists of gum which includes the most valuable component calcium salt of acid Arabic which is a strong activator of calcium phosphoric exchange and regulator of tissue penetrance. Oily camelina extract (oil plant), a component of Toadstone balsam, consists of a record amount of vitamin E, as well as vitamins A, D, K which provokes fastening of processes of carbohydrate metabolism regulation and energy nutrition, regeneration of cells in articular and muscular tissue.


Toadstone cream-balsam for articulations with camelina oil is prescribed with articular and muscular pain, radicular pain, osteochondrosis, rheumatic pain, arthritis and other diseases connected with pains in articulations, muscular and bones. It is effective as a regenerating means in the post-traumatic period, after fractures, injuries, distortion. It eliminates the feeling of fatigue, puffiness, helps muscles relax and quickly regenerate after physical activities. It is prescribed to people over 50 as a prophylactic remedy to prevent articular and muscular diseases and for supporting the immune system.


Camelina seed oil, emulsifier, vegetable oil, chondroitin, dimeticon,  propylene glycol, Vaseline, higher fatty alcohol, marsh extract (water-alcohol), pilewort (water-alcohol), water, liposentol, methyl paraben, propyl paraben, perfume composition, chlorophyll Е141.


The balsam is applied on a damaged area of the body with light massaging movements.

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