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Live well spring, optimizing foot balsam with elastin and thymus extract, 40 g

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40 g
0 ... +25˚C
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100 SKU / box
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2 years
Фитосила / Корвет Фарма

Lower limb diseases are a real problem and they are connected with venous insufficiency, which maybe coursed by aging changes, increased physical load or work in unfavorable conditions.

“Live well spring” balsam usage involves naturalization of negative factors which influence the appearance of venous insufficiency, vascular spiders, puffiness as well as has a preventive effect directed at eliminating the appearance of such problems.


The balsam decides the problems of lower limb in complex:

  • increases microcirculation of blood which improves the blood supply of tissues, vessels and arteria strength and tonus increase, prevents vascular distention, eliminates tension and puffiness
  • resists inflammatory processes, calms down, eliminates the “heavy leg” syndrome, returns the comfortable condition 
  • activates regeneration processes, caused by aging changes, restores damaged tissues;
  • eliminates itching and irritation, reddening, improves the esthetic look.


As the “heavy leg” syndrome happens because of venous insufficiency, the main ingredient of the balsam is a plant complex eliminating heavy legs (Ennacomplex 269) – complex which consists of 5 types of plant extracts providing general health effect during varicosis: thyme, hazel leaves, Batcher’s broom roots. Red grapes leaves, pine tree bark.

Thyme is the course of tanning substances, strengthens the vessels walls and capillaries, provides antibacterial effect  

Hazel tannins are vasomotor and plays the key role during venous insufficiency symptoms.

Ruscogenins and neoruscogenins of Batcher’s groom prevent widening of overstressed vessels. Their protective and tonic abilities define the activity during venous insufficiency symptoms, heaviness and overstressing in legs.

Anthocyans of red grapes prevent capillary fragility and improves their penetrance, provide anti puffiness effect  

Procyanidins of pine tree bark has the abilities of vitamin Р, which shows itself in increasing the tonus of vessel wallsm increase of capillary resistance of arterial walls.

Besides, anthocyans of red grapes and procyanidins of pine tree bark retain free radicals, strengthen natural protective system of the skin, prevents the aging process.

Also hyssop extracts, pile wart, cowberry, azulene, elastin, phytotonine are included in the composition of the balsam which add and strengthen the effect of the whole complex.


Process the foot problem areas: calves, knee joints, feet with balsam and let it absorb. It is recommended to use the balsam not less than two times a day – in the morning and before going to bed

Contraindications: individual intolerance of the balsam components.

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